Claims Services

The Claims Services department is committed to assisting our agency partners throughout the claims process. We liaise with adjusters and TPAs to provide solutions. Our team is comprised of claims professionals who understand the urgency needed to expedite and service your customer. 

Important Claims Tips 

  1. Report to the authorities – fire, burglary, vandalism, or other trauma. If authorities are dispatched to the location, provide details and keep complete copies of all information for future reference. 
  2. Report the claim to the insurance company as soon as possible. 
  3. Document the Damages.  Prior to cleanup, photograph or video the damages. The adjuster may need to review this information. 
  4. Make emergency repairs to the property to avoid further damages. Save all receipts. 
  5. If the property is not safe and temporary relocation is necessary, save all receipts. 
  6. Be accessible to the claims representative and/or adjuster.  

Reporting a Claim 

To expedite notification, report this claim directly to the insurance company.  

Company NameEmailPhoneExt
AEGIS INSURANCE COMPANYclaimsq@aegisfirst.com800-233-2160
AMERICAN MODERN HOME INSURANCE COMPANYplclaims1@amig.com800-375-2075
LEXINGTON INSURANCE COMPANYlexingtonhomeownerproperty@aig.com800-931-9546
LEXINGTON INSURANCE COMPANYlexorgfnol@aig.com800-931-9546
MARKEL INSURANCE COMPANYnewclaims@markel.com800-362-7535
SCOTTSDALE INSURANCE COMPANYessreportaloss@nationwide.com800-423-7675

If the company does not appear in this list, utilize the ‘Report A Claim’ button or send the loss notice to You will receive an automated acknowledgment upon receipt and processing of the claim.

Requesting Claim Status

  • Allow 72 hours for the adjuster to make contact.
  • After 72 hours or in a catastrophic loss situation, refer to the claims acknowledgment and contact the assigned adjuster directly.
  • Reference their claim number
  • If the assigned adjuster information has not been received, the insurance company may be contacted directly.
  • Reference the policy number and/or claim number
  • If there are questions about the process or we can assist in any way, contact our team at 800-487-7565.
  • Reference the policy number

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